NOTE: We have Paragon 4 decoders in stock! GoPack's however are out of stock with no ETA. Updated on 11/22/2022.

Starting Janurary 1st, 2023, we will be increasing our prices on a number of services. If you wish to lock in the current prices, then don't delay!


Below is the list and price of all of our services. If sending in multiple trains, and requesting different services for each engine, then to prevent delays, please attach a typed note to each separate engine, specifying what work each engine should recieve. Priority Service is on a per engine basis.

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All services includes a software update to the latest version of your engine.



NOTE: Paragon 4 will retain smoke if the engine is a Pargon 2 or Paragon 3 unit, or a diesel with Paragon 3. If it is an older series or Paragon 2 diesel with smoke, then smoke will not be retained and would be disconnected. If the engine is a Paragon 2 and has a cab light, the cab light will work in reverse and can be disconnected on request, or I will set CV's to tie it to a function for manual control.


We have 2 different Paragon 2 to Paragon 4 options. One ($105) is for engines that have no smoke units inside. The other upgrade option, $165, would be for engines with smoke units present or engines using the 9 pin connector on the decoder. Option 1 can be selected for all engines if self-upgrading (instructions included). Follow up with us via email once the order is placed to notify us that it is for self-install and with what engine it is for. Option 2 would be used if sending the engine to us for the upgrade and it has smoke inside. Option one can be used if sending to us as well as long as there is no smoke inside the engine.


We no longer can repair Paragon 2 n-scale engines as we have no decoders now, and they cannot really be upgraded to Paragon 4. This also applies to HO Paragon 2 SW1500 as they use their n-scale decoder due to the size inside the engine.



NOTE If the engine was produced in Paragon 3, then we can put in a Paragon 4 decoder with the correct sound set.



Upgrades apply for all HO (except Paragon 2 SW1500) BLI engines and Paragon 3 n-scale engines. N-scale Paragon 2 engines cannot be upgraded nor repaired by us anymore.

Paragon 3 to Paragon 4 Upgrade (Read note above) $105.00
Paragon 2 to Paragon 4 Upgrade non smoke engine and no 9 pin connector on decoder being used (Read note above) $105.00
Paragon 2 to Paragon 4 Upgrade, engine with 9 pin connector on decoder being used or steam engine with smoke (Read note above) $165.00
BlueLine to Paragon 4 Upgrade (Read note above) $175.00
Paragon to Paragon 4 Upgrade (Read note above) $185.00
GoPack! Power Continuity Capacitor Pack with plug (only as add-on with upgrade or decoder replacement, HO decoder only. Paragon 4 compatible via plug, and adds to the smaller GoPack built into Paragon 4, great for large loads, etc.)             $25.00 Not Available. See note at the top of the page.

Repairs / Others

Paragon 4 Decoder Repair/Replacement $105.00
Repair Locomotive Electrical Problems $119.00
Paragon 4 / Paragon 3 / Paragon 2 / BlueLine Software Update            $75.00
Priority Service (per locomotive basis) $25.00
* Priority service guarentees that your locomotive will be shipped back to you from our facility within 2 business days, instead of the standard 5-7 business days.    

About Us

We are the only authorized repair center for out of warranty BLI trains, and we are authorized to perform extra services, such as upgrading BlueLine to Paragon 4.

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